Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is
Simple enough. represents the future of e-commerce retailing. Saving you time! What we have tried to do is make your Internet shopping experience one step easier by combining all of favorite celebrity items into their own private "malls", so that you need only visit one page for all your celebrity shopping needs. Instead of visiting each of our merchant partner sites separately, all you need to do is visit once, find the item of your choice, and then purchase it via one of our direct links to the various authorized e-commerce merchants such as,, and all the rest.
2. What can I do when a particular "star mall" can't be found on your site?
We heavily rely on our customer feedback when creating our starmalls, so if you've searched the site, haven't found the mall that you are looking for, please let us know about it here, so that we could improve our services in the future. Of course, if you are looking for a specific item from a missing mall, we suggest you try our partner site search, which generally helps a lot.
3. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding one of my purchases?
Being that we are merely a conduit for all of your online purchases, a storefront if you will, and do not handle any of the actual transactions, we at cannot answer any of your shipping, pricing, credit card or other sale-related questions. That being said, we only align ourselves with the top e-commerce merchants on the Net and feel extremely confident in their respective customer service qualifications. If for example, you were to buy an item at, please contact them with all of your purchase information and they should be able to help you right away. The same goes for all of the other merchants. Of course, we are always open to hearing your feedback in respect to any one of our partners.
4. How do I find out more about a particular product featured on your site?
You need only click on the picture/link from, and you will be automatically taken to the specific partner site that is selling that particular product. They will have more information about the product on their page and contact info, if you so require.
5. I can't seem to locate the item that I want. Can you help?
Yes. Once again, we do try our best to update every single one of our malls with all of the latest items associated with that star, but if you cannot find the product that you are looking for, we strongly urge you to use our partner site search, which generally helps our customers find the item within our community of qualified partner sites. Once you do find the item, we would love for you to....
<see #6>
6. How do I suggest other products which aren't featured on your site?
Simple. Just visit our feedback page and provide us with any info which you may deem helpful to the growth of our site. We have found many of our products through customer feedback and encourage everyone to offer their suggestions in order to improve the site for everyone's benefit.
7. Any other questions? Visit our Feedback page.

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